PAULIE RHYME (Paul Richardson) is a Bay Area based; Cleveland bred emcee, giving people music that touches mind, body, spirit, and soul. Putting in work in the indie circuit for a good portion of this decade, Rhyme has worn many hats in the industry before finding his calling in front of the mic. As front man for live alternative Hip Hop outfits FINLESS BROWN and MILES OUTSIDE, Paulie Rhyme would hone his craft and his style on the stage and on the road, performing shows in the US, Canada, and Japan. This would show itself in the release of the 12”s WHERE DO WE GO with DJ LORD JAZZ and DUSK TILL DAWN with PRINCE PO, as well as most recently with LESS THAN ZERO Vol. 1 & 2, a project series presented by acclaimed tastemakers, radio/mix tape DJs MICK BOOGIE & TERRY URBAN (VIVA LA HOVA, SIRIUS) that features collaborations with RAASHAN AHMAD (Crown City Rockers), KEELAY & ZAIRE, KING MOST (Plug Label), KNOBODY (Hieroglyphics), DJ VINROC, and CUTSO & SQUAREWEEZY (of THE BANGERZ).

Being based in the BAY AREA, CA would prove to be an invaluable experience for RHYME, and in 2007 RHYME would release PUBLIC RADIO, a collaborative effort with SF producer DEEDOT, featuring appearances by RASCO (Cali Agents), NATE KROOKS, and MOTO. PUBLIC RADIO would hit #9 on the CMJ Hip Hop charts, and the single, SQUARED CIRCLE, was nominated as 2009 Hip Hop Song of the Year by Just Plain Folks. 2009 also saw release of the DJ SLY project, BEYOND IT, with PAULIE RHYME featured on the single "LIKE YOU" with KAORU, which reached 4 on ITunes Japan Top Hip Hop Chart, with the album reaching 10 on the Hip Hop Album Chart. RHYME would continue to plant his roots in the international market working with Austria’s SOUNDTRUCK, Canada’s ATHERTON, Norway’s HANDYCAT, Japan’s TOFUBEATS & KAZAHAYA, and delving into the Dubstep/DnB arena with SUBLIFE RECORDINGS’ LUKEINO and the song, THE KEY. 

Not one to rest on his laurels, RHYME is currently promoting his latest projects, as well as working on upcoming projects with MILES OUTSIDE, REY RESURRECCION, JACK DA RIPPA, PRINCE PO, and a sequel to LESS THAN ZERO with MICK BOOGIE. When he is not rocking the mic, RHYME is a full time educator in a San Francisco middle school, where he teaches, coaches, and runs a weekly Hip Hop workshop for aspiring emcees.

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