PAULIE RHYME is a Japan based; Cleveland/Bay Area bred emcee, giving people music that touches mind, body, and spirit. As front man for live alternative Hip Hop outfits FINLESS BROWN (w. Motown on Mondays founder DJ GORDO CABEZA)MILES OUTSIDE, and SOLGANIX Paulie Rhyme honed his craft and his style on the stage and on the road in the early 2000s, doing shows in the US, Canada, and Japan. This would show itself in his first solo 12” releases with Hip Hop legends DJ LORD JAZZ (LOTUG) and PRINCE PO (ORGANIZED KONFUSION), as well as the LESS THAN ZERO mix tape series, a series of projects presented by acclaimed tastemaker, radio/mix tape dj MICK (VIVA LA HOVA, SIRIUS) that featured collaborations with RAASHAN AHMAD (CCR), DJ VINROC, KEELAY & ZAIRE, KING MOST, KNOBODY, REY RESURRECCION, and more.

Being based in the BAY AREA, CA would prove to be an invaluable experience for RHYME and in 2007, RHYME would release PUBLIC RADIO, a collaborative effort with SF producer DEEDOT, featuring appearances by RASCO (CALI AGENTS), TABLEEK (MASPYKE), and MOTO. PUBLIC RADIO would hit #9 on the CMJ Hip Hop charts, and the single, SQUARED CIRCLE, would be nominated for 2009 Hip Hop Song of the Year by Just Plain Folks. 2009 also saw the release of the DJ SLY project, BEYOND IT, with PAULIE RHYME featured on the single "LIKE YOU" with KAORU, hitting #4 on ITunes Japan's Hip Hop Chart. RHYME would continue to expand in the international market working with Austria’s SOUND TRUCK, Canada’s ATHERTON, Norway’s HANDYCAT, Japan’s TOFUBEATS, NOMAK & KAZAHAYA, while delving into the Dubstep/DnB arena with BACHELOR’S OF SCIENCE’S LUKEINO, ATLANTIC CONNECTION, & DUBSWORTH.
Recently relocating to Japan full time to be closer to family, Rhyme has continued to work on his craft, rock shows, collaborate with talented musicians, and put out positive, forward thinking Hip Hop. His latest solo project, the SuperStringTheory Ep, produced by BLUEPRINT (Soul Position/Rhymesayers), is a testament to where Paulie Rhyme has come from and where the music is taking him. 

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